Number 5 Update

from my brother:

yesterday we brought number 5 to the clinic because it seemed like he was getting blocked again. we thought we were going to have to do surgery right away. then the doctor ran a catheter just to unblock him, and said that the difference was so big from the last time he’d run the catheter, that he thinks we can just give number 5 some more time and let the crystals dissolve more, and surgergy might not be necessary immediately, even though it is still a good idea to get it done soon. so, we brought him home for the night, and he’s been very happy, and he peed this morning before i went to work, so he doesn’t seem to be blocking up again so far. so everything is very hopeful.

thanks for the continued support and energy etc… *hugs* number 5 loves you!

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5 Responses to Number 5 Update

  1. Lurkertype says:

    so, I just happened to think… when Number 5 gets the operation, will they be taking his little furry balls too? if not, will he notice the absence of the rest of the equipment when he’s gettin’ it on with his baby mama? (who really needs fixing so she isn’t worn out with babies, no matter how cute they are, and they are…)

    I hope he is taking his meds like a good boy and doesn’t have to go back to the vet again soon.

  2. GanLu says:

    number 5 is doing well. the operation will involve removing his balls. robby is concerned that it will change his personality entirely. but i’m sure everything will be fine.

    number 5 is gonna be moving to west virginia, and bungalow is gonna be staying here in wisconsin with me. if he doesn’t meet new girlfriends until after the surgery, that will probably make things easier for him to handle.

    bungalow is getting fixed as soon as possible. she was supposed to get fixed BEFORE this new litter happened. our plan all along was just for her to have one litter. all i can say is, i’m glad all her babies are boys! not sure if i can afford to get them all fixed, but fixing females is the key for population control, so if i can’t afford to do the boys it’ll still be okay.

    i wish all this hadn’t happened with number 5, cause this delays our ability to take care of bungalow now too.

    number 5 is really good about taking his meds. he’s very cooperative. he doesn’t like the oral syringe, but he doesn’t really resist it at all. and he’s extremely cooperative swallowing his pill. depending how things go, we might take him back in to the clinic to get his system flushed out again. his output is a bit low, but he’s peeing regularly and without discomfort, so we’re just gonna keep monitoring him and see how things go. he’s done with one of his meds after tomorrow night, so friday i wanna take him back in to the vet for a checkup.

    • Lurkertype says:

      He needs to be checked regularly so he’ll be able to survive the move. He mustn’t have a blockage in the middle of nowhere. Has Robby lined up a vet in the town he’s moving to? Find one that has more-extended hours, maybe, and knows about kittehs. maybe his dad could ask around, see who’s well thought of.

      I don’t suppose there are any free/reduced clinics for Bungalow to get herself snipped at? here, the ASPCA runs a cheaper clinic a couple days a week.

      The only cat I know who got deballed as an adult (TK’s daddy, who was a lot like Number 5) got MORE friendly. He was good before but super-great afterwards. We loved him. and of course he peed less on stuff. #5’s brain/personality is pretty set by now, so a little less testosterone can only make him an even better kitteh.

      • GanLu says:

        i’ll remind robby to make sure he makes all the appropriate arrangements.

        we were waiting for the reduced clinic for bungalow, they only do it every couple of months here, and she used that opportunity to get pregnant again. so i’m not gonna wait anymore. as soon as the kittens can handle her being away, i’m getting her fixed, reduced or not.

        mew mew mew…

        • Lurkertype says:

          yes, poor girl. I think as soon as they’re weaned, you can take her in, so it will only be a couple months. the rescue organizations spay their momcats when the kittens are 12 weeks, and at 12 weeks, the kitns are also old enough for the snip and adoption. that’s how we got Tortie!

          you should think about getting some of your boys snipped too — every little bit helps.

          love to #5 and Corexit.

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