Number 5 is doing better!

Hopefully this is the end of the roller-coaster for Number 5. He came home yesterday evening and has been doing well ever since.

Here’s the update from my brother, as of this morning:

he is very happy. he’s peeing a lot. he’s eating and drinking a lot. he doesn’t really like being sequestered in my room, so robby might be letting him out under supervision while i’m at work. he wants to be with the other cats. they spend most of the day cuddling together and sleeping on each other, so it must be really frustrating for him to be separated from them. we’ve let the others come into my room briefly to visit him, but they don’t behave themselves well enough to visit for too long because they get distracted by the litter box. the other cats really want number 5’s special food. they’re even excited about drinking his water, even though it’s the same as theirs other than being in a different room. the litter box is the main reason we’ve been keeping number 5 sequestered – we can’t really monitor his output if the other cats are using his litter box.

he has antibiotics to prevent infection, and a muscle relaxant, and pain killers, but the pain killers are probably why he reblocked because they shut down his appetite and his interest in drinking, so we’re not giving him the pain killers unless it seems like he needs them, and so far he hasn’t needed them.

we want to give him the perineal urethrostomy surgery but we can’t afford that right now of course. in the meantime hopefully his diet and hydration level will keep everything okay.

thanks again to everyone for your love and support! number 5 loves you!

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12 Responses to Number 5 is doing better!

  1. Lurkertype says:

    That was what I wanted to ask yesterday, was he getting antibiotics? B/c sometimes this is caused by infection and it certainly leaves kitteh open to it.

    I know it will be an extra expense, but all the other cats may need to switch to the prescription food so that Number 5 doesn’t get into other fudz.

    TK had the PU surgery and it is a lot of money, but most of the time it fixes the problem. so start saving now!

    we love Number 5 too!

    • GanLu says:

      thanks so much for all your comments and advice!

      number 5 is actually going to be moving to west virginia at the beginning of april with robby and 23, because robby needs to move in with his grandmother to take care of her. so 23 will be sharing the special diet with number 5. but i won’t need to switch the others over cause they’re staying in appleton with me. so that will spare some expenses. however, with all the research i’ve done about this condition, i will be modifying their diet in order to take preventative measures, to increase their general hydration level, and when i can afford it i’ll be getting a water fountain because they all prefer running water and often won’t drink from their bowls. the bathtub faucet leaks a little and we’ve noticed over the past year or so that they prefer the bathtub faucet over their water bowls. (awhile back i tried unsuccessfully to teach Corexit how to turn the sink tap on and off on his own.)

      number 5 now has 7 sons. we were going to get bungalow spayed but she wanted an excuse to be uncooperative so she got pregnant of course. she had her litter on march 10th. we’ll be keeping 2 of the new babies – there’s one that looks just like Corexit and i named him Heqat (pronounced hee-kayt). my other housemate is keeping an orange one, hasn’t named him yet. one of my boyfriend’s bandmates is gonna be taking another one, and there’s a long list of people who all want the other one.

      since i’m so attached to number 5, i tried to talk robby into leaving him with me, but he’s robby’s other half, so of course robby didn’t even consider it. i’m not worried about number 5 travelling. he’s been to west virginia before and he loves it. i think the veterenary care available where he’s going is much more affordable than appleton. (appleton has a problem with class divisions and many important facilities catering with a bias to the local rich, it almost seems sometimes like there’s a conspiracy against the poor, probably to discourage those with low-income from moving to appleton.) and also with robby’s father close by, and robby having a “full time job” so to speak, the financial resources out there will be much better too. so as far as getting the PU surgery, that will be a much more viable option out in WV.

      i love number 5 so much. he was brought to a no-kill shelter after his mother was hit by a car, when he was a tiny kitten. robby adopted him and started taking him with EVERYWHERE he went. like mary and her little lamb… number 5 is extremely social and loves meeting new people and seeing new places, and even when he was a kitten he started gaining a lot of notoriety. he’s incredibly intelligent and active and in love with the world. i’ve never met another cat like him. when robby first brought him home from the shelter, i wasn’t exactly happy, because at the time i only had orion, and didn’t think i could afford to expand the household. but everyone falls in love with number 5, and we bonded quickly, and when robby tried going back to college for awhile he tried taking number 5 with to live in campus housing but he got in trouble for that, so for a few months number 5 lived with me without robby (but with robby visiting of course) and ever since then i’ve considered him ‘my’ cat just as much as robby’s.

      i look forward to robby blogging about number 5’s west virginia adventures. i look forward to going out there to visit. number 5 is such a dear friend to me, it means the world to me for him to be okay.

      • Lurkertype says:

        awwww. What a special kitteh Number 5 is.

        The kitty water fountains are a great idea. TK likes ours, and hydration is the most important thing for cats. Number 5 and 23 will need one there in WV.

        Corexit and Heqat look like my tuxedo boy, but I hope they are not as stupid.

        • littlemiao says:

          Now Number 5 is back in the emergency hospital. šŸ˜¦ It looks like they can’t put off the surgery, he keeps getting blockages. My brother’s really worried.

          How many blockages did TK have before you did the surgery?

        • GanLu says:

          @lurkertype – Corexit and Heqat look like my tuxedo boy, but I hope they are not as stupid.

          orion, my all-black one, is the stupid one. but he and corexit are buddies. and when heqat gets bigger they can all cuddle in a pile together. orion is like a big teddy-bear, corexit is like a little real-bear. and heqat just opened his eyes last night…

            • GanLu says:

              i don’t have many pictures, but i’ll work on getting them to my sister or putting them up on facebook. thanks for the reminder, i gotta take more pictures of the new babies! with all this happening with number 5, the new babies haven’t had nearly as much photo opportunity as corexit’s litter got.

  2. arbed says:

    You’ll miss number 5, but it sounds like things are positive. Continued good luck!

  3. capnstephel says:

    So good to hear number 5 is doing better!

    • littlemiao says:

      Each time I do a positive update, things go bad! šŸ˜¦ Number 5’s back at the emergency hospital and it looks like they can’t put off the surgery, but my brother doesn’t know how they’ll manage it either.

      I feel so bad. I wish I could help them more.

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