Number 5 is back in the hospital

Things had been going well for Number 5, but now they’re looking bad again.  Thank you, everyone, for you continued good thoughts for Number 5.

Here’s an update from my brother (from last night):

number 5 is in the hospital again. when he was released from the hospital the first time, it was to transfer him to our primary care clinic, because we can’t afford the costs of the emergency centre. they kept him at the clinic, giving him appropriate care and treatment, and when he was released from the clinic yesterday afternoon, he seemed to have recovered, he was peeing normally and eating and drinking and happily sedate on pain meds. but this morning, his symptoms returned, and he was blocked again. we tried desperately to find another place in the area that doesn’t have the same prices as the emergency centre, but almost every place was closed, and the few places we did speak to were extremely rude and said that it wasn’t normal to have staff over the weekends who could take care of inpatient situations, only outpatient things. so we brought him back to the emergency hospital this evening and his prognosis looks good but we’re very concerned about him reblocking so quickly. part of the big difficulty with all of this is that we had to take him to the 24-hr emergency centre, because our primary care place isn’t open on weekends, and it’s astronomically expensive, so we can’t afford to keep him there (i had to write a check! this place requires payment upfront, unlike my primary care place that can do payment plans), so we have to pick him up tomorrow morning, and hope he’ll be alright until we can get him back to our primary clinic monday morning. he could have stayed at our primary clinic over the weekend, but he was peeing and drinking and eating etc just fine so he was discharged without the expectation that this would happen again right away. anyways, he has remained affectionate and cuddly in spite of all this, just growling occasionally from his discomfort but being his wonderful well-behaved self regardless. i’ve been cuddling him and massaging him and giving him water with an oral syringe etc, doing everything i can for him while we searched desperately for a place we could take him to. it’s so distressing to see him suffering like this, he’s always been very empathic and always comes to cuddle people when they’re sad or not feeling well. i pray that the cat-gods will take care of him and help him through this because all that he’s ever given to the world has been love. this is a very arduous struggle and extremely difficult for me and robby, since we would do anything we can for him but we’re stuck in a place where clinics have set hours and saving a life has a price tag. one thing i’m going to look into, in the future when we’ve gotten through all this, is setting up better local networks and resources for emergency and after-hour care and charity programs, all of which this area seems to significantly lack. i hate to think of how many other people in appleton must just make the decision to put their friends to sleep because they’re told by the people in white coats that the care they need is far far beyond their financial means. it shouldn’t ever be about that, and it’s been terribly traumatizing to see robby struggling with this, i don’t have the same struggle because of my spiritual beliefs (euthanasia just isn’t an option unless there’s no other MEDICAL option), but even though it’s robby’s choice to make because Number 5 is technically his cat, i’m determined to find a way for robby to avoid having to make that kind of decision, so my struggle is to find a way to make the necessary care possible (thank god checks don’t clear over the weekend) and so far all i’ve been able to do is buy time, but i’m going to have to find some way to deal with all this somehow, so the donations that we’ve received really do mean more to me than i could ever express. thanks to your care and generosity, i will hopefully be able to manage the financial fallout of the decisions that i’ve had to make. while Number 5’s wellbeing is a priority, and dealing with a crisis takes precedent, being able to keep the roof over my head and continue to uphold my responsibilities for the rest of Number 5’s family is something that has been put at risk by this ordeal, so ALL of us are extremely touched and grateful for the donations that we’ve received. i’ll give you all another update after we pick him up tomorrow. we pray that his condition will remain stable while we wait for our primary clinic to reopen monday morning.

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13 Responses to Number 5 is back in the hospital

  1. mariser says:

    oh honey,

    I’m heartbroken. our thoughts are with Number 5, his family and with you

  2. I only just became acquainted with your family, brother and cats alike: but I hope things get better for all of you, especially Number 5, who sounds like he’s surrounded by very loving people. It’s so hard when you’re in the middle of an illness like that, and you have to make decisions about finances and whether it’s in your furbaby’s best interests to stop treatment or continue.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    If worrying about Number 5 works, he should be fine in no time. I love how much his people love him and I know how hard it is to have a sick kitty and huge bills.

    I haz a sad. But thanks to Foxy-bro for keeping us updated. Tell him I dreamed about Number 5 last night.

  4. Lauri says:

    So much worry and fear.
    But the guys should know that this is SUCH a common problem for male cats. Hubby and I never feed our cats anything except Science Diet CD cat food and we have had no problems in 30 years with urinary blockage. Thank Whoever.

    I hope no one feels guilty about not knowing about this problem…it’s insidious and very dangerous!

    Much love to Number 5. We are with you, buddy!

    • Lurkertype says:

      I didn’t think this was a problem with intact male cats… Number 5 isn’t fixed, right, since he’s a dadcat?

      TK eats the Purina urinary gooshyfudz courtesy of mariser b/c ALL the Science Diet formulas have corn in them and he can’t digest that. He was the most runny-pooped kitn ever till we figured that out. He eats (not much) Wellness no-grain cruncheez.

      • GanLu says:

        number 5 is a tom, which is another reason why this was so surprising. i’ve learned that having testicles lowers the risk because the felinine hormone is acidic and thus makes crystals LESS likely, but it’s not a guarantee, because the body’s systems are really complex and there are always many different factors making an impact.

        i’m glad you figured out what to feed TK to keep him happy.

        we feed our cats solid gold indigo moon, “Solid Gold is proud to introduce our newest dry cat food, Indigo Moon. Indigo Moon is a high protein, low carbohydrate, completely grain/gluten free diet designed to more closely resemble the nutrient composition of a cats natural diet. Made with high quality chicken meal, fresh chicken, and ocean fish, Indigo Moon is extremely palatable, even to the most discerning cat. Indigo Moon is formulated to meet the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. ”

        i used to make my own catfood when i just had orion. i made it with chicken and veggies and special vitamin powder and he really liked it, but it wasn’t cost-effective to make enough of it for multiple cats, so i switched to dry food for financial reasons.

        it bothers me so much that so much terrible stuff is on the market and people don’t realize that most companies are just trying to make $… it’s not just a problem for pets, it’s a problem for humans as well… it’s one of me and robby’s crusades, sort of… natural holistic diets and all that… avoiding processed stuff, trying to find “real” food… the shelves at stores are full of stuff, for cats and for humans alike, that i don’t consider to be “real food” at all… it’s a cultural travesty/tragedy…

        • Lurkertype says:

          Number 5 will need more wet food from now on to keep him flushed out.

          When TK had his problems, I found that the magic ingredient is something called DL Methionine. helps break down the crystals.

          our kittehs eat Innova dry food, I made a mistake earlier. it’s all natural and no-grain. their EVO and California Natural are good too.

    • GanLu says:

      thanks for the love! we don’t feel guilty. it just caught us by surprise, because he’s always been totally healthy and we’ve never had problems like this with any of the other cats either.

  5. zigzagmags says:

    hugs for number 5, you and your brother! keep us posted.

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