I <3 the Packers

I never thought I would ever say that, not being much of a football fan. But they are standing up for our rights as workers and citizens of this state, and for that I respect them deeply.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/116231984.html

I’m proud of my state senator for the stance she is taking, and I hope, for the sake of my family and thousands of other families, and for public education in this state, that she and her colleagues continue to stand strong and the governor sees reason and is willing to negotiate and compromise.

Everyone around the country is struggling these days, but relatively speaking, things have not been too bad in Wisconsin. The new governor created a deficit during his first days in office, which is he now using as an excuse for his so-called budget repair bill. This bill amounts to nothing less than an attack on the hardworking middle class families of this state, and it is a test case for similar anti-union, anti-worker policies across the country. The new governor has turned away many opportunities to create new jobs in this state and he has passed tax expenditure bills that benefit only the select elite. Now he is shifting the blame for Wisconsin’s economic situation to public sector workers, and many of my friends and family will be casualties of his madness.

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13 Responses to I <3 the Packers

  1. mariser says:

    agree with you 100%. I’ve been watching MSNBC nonstop for their coverage of what’s going down in Madison.

    The Packers are being true to their roots and to their town. they are the only NFL team owned by its fans (the citizens of Green Bay).

    Gov. Scott Walker is a tool of the Koch brothers of Texas. I very much hope that Wisconsin moves to recall him. Ping would be a >>>> better governor/benign overlord

    • littlemiao says:

      Thank you, mariser. It means a lot that people from around the country (and world) are siding with us in Wisconsin. There is so much ignorance about what is at stake. It’s hard not to take it personally, since it affects me personally. *sigh* I remember the deep feeling of dread I felt on election night when Walker won. I just had no idea that things could get so bad, so fast.

      I sincerely hope there is a recall, not just of Walker. I will definitely do my part for it – I’m not going to look back on this and regret not doing anything when I had a chance.

      For now, I’m going to go snorgle some Ping.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I’m proud of Wisconsin for standing up to this. If Egypt can do it, so can they. It is refreshing to hear that the Packers are taking a stand on it even though they’re all rich — but as M says, they are still owned by real people. It would be easy for them to keep quiet esp. since they won the big game.

    I did see an adorable video from right before the Super Bowl. All the babies in the GB hospital were wearing teeny tiny cheeseheads. Those look dumb on middle aged fat guys, but were teh qte on newborn babies.

    • littlemiao says:

      I’ve never been prouder of Wisconsin. Actually, I’ve tended to be cynical about WI, but this has taught me a lesson.

      I’ve also gained a deeper appreciation of the Packers. I didn’t realize they were owned by real people, even though sometimes it seems like all people ever talk about is the Packers and I should have known that. I guess I’ve just tuned out all the green and gold and non-vegan headgear.

      As a side note, I used to think that each team had four quarterbacks (like four quarters in a dollar), until I watched some episodes of the TV show Glee.

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    On Wisconsin!

    I did have to shake my head at one NPR report that included a woman saying, “When did teachers become the enemy?” All I could think was “Ever since the right wing big mouths declared war on educated people as elitist.” Not only ARE teachers educated, they also (in general) provide education. We can’t have that if we’re going to build a society of mindless consumer zombots.

    Stay strong, Wisconsin.

  4. LBeeeze says:

    I saw an interview last night with the author of a recent Rolling Stone article. Sorry, didn’t get his name. He said the real culprits are the banks who sold toxic assets to the funds the states had invested in. The funds lost much of their value and now the states no longer have the money to pay retirement benefits, etc.

    Dang, it’s the banks who tanked this economy in the first place. The big banks are doing just fine while the middle class continues to struggle.

    • littlemiao says:

      And then hardworking teachers and nurses etc get blamed for the bad economy. It’s infuriating.

      I wish I could be in Madison right now. They’re braving high winds and cement-like snow to protest. I really want to scream and shout right now – seems like the only productive thing to do.

      • LBeeeze says:

        That’s exactly what Matt Taibbi said (see Mariser’s comment below). He said teachers, fire fighters, and other public servants were being made out to be the bad guys when it was the toxic assets that gutted state funds and tanked the economy.

    • mariser says:

      I’d bet the author you saw interviewed is Matt Taibbi. he is doing in-depth reportage on the financial crisis, its prelude and aftermath for Rolling Stone magazine. his articles are informative, enlightening, and infuriating. he has a blog I follow and recommend.

  5. lauowolf says:

    Proud of Wisconsin here too.
    (That’s where my mom is from!)
    I won’t start ranting about the banking criminals who have sacked and looted our economy…
    But public employees are soooooooo not the problem.

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