Ice Art

More ice art from my windows. There was another beautiful design today – like grass growing under water – but it just wouldn’t photograph right. But I have these designs from a couple days ago:

ice window 2-2-2011 7-32-20 AM
ice windows 2-2-2011 7-25-03 AM
ice windows 2-2-2011 7-33-44 AM
ice windows 2-2-2011 7-33-56 AM
ice windows 2-2-2011 7-33-54 AM

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10 Responses to Ice Art

  1. Laurie says:

    That all looks photographed quite right to me — it’s lovely!

  2. Jaypo says:

    Amazing. The color one especially makes me think of a magical underwater kingdom!

  3. LBeeeze says:

    Wow….the top one looks like lots of feathers!! So beautiful.

  4. AuntieBellum says:

    Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow!!

    Gorgeous ice patterns and great photography!

  5. Lauri says:

    These are absolutely STUNNING! 😀

    The Winter Fairy at work!

  6. Ooooooooh, these are marvelous! You’re good at this, I couldn’t get that clear pictures of the frost. Very pretty work!

  7. capnstephel says:

    Oooooooo! Very pretty!

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