he’s here!

Chun has officially moved into the Miao House!

He has only met the Miao Bros through closed doors, and I think I will give it at least a week (maybe two) before we move onto the next stage.

So far, my baby Chun has done 95% of the hissing & growling, and my Prince Tweetie-Bug has done the other 5%. Prince T doesn’t seem as upset as I thought he would be, but Chun seems more upset and defensive than I thought he would be, which is worrisome.

A little narrative, perhaps, to recreate the long-awaited first meeting (photos will come later today):

I carried Chun upstairs in his kitty carrier, passing over Prince T’s head and Prince T barely even noticed. I got Chun settled down in his room, with all of his favorite fleecies and a bunch of fleecy cushy kitty beds that Mama M sent over with him (apparently the Bengals didn’t use them). In the background, I’m playing this music that’s specifically designed to soothe cats, called CatCalm (though I have to admit, the last time I played it for Chun, he was bouncing off the walls).

When I leave the room, it’s hard to keep Chun in there. He’s so strong and fast. But I manage. And I see Lotus and Ping napping on my bed, like they haven’t even noticed anything different. Mani plops down and walks over to Chun’s door, sees Chun’s little chunny-toes snaking out, pauses momentarily, and then trots downstairs like he saw nothing out of the ordinary. I finish a few chores and bring up Chun’s water dish. Outside his door, there are several blobs of floof – a Bear, a Prince, a Prof, and a Man. They’re all just sitting there, not looking upset or defensive or angry or anything. When I open the door, Chun hisses and growls at them. They barely blink, except for Prince T, who hisses two half-hearted hisses. I close the door. Chun keeps hissing and growling at it for a few seconds, sounding really upset. Then he gets all lovey-dovey with me and forgets about everyone else.

Meanwhile, we see Merlin looking through the old-fashioned heating vent that connects my room and my brother’s. I think it’s supercute but Chun doesn’t. Merlin just thinks its an odd addition to his warm little napspot.

A little later, I leave to do more chores, and all the Miao Bros (except Ping and Merlin, who were still napping) follow me downstairs, so I give them their favorite bunny-toe fish flakes. Everyone seems relaxed enough, but they all stare at me like I owe them an explanation.

When I return, the Bear really wants to get in the room. Chun hisses and growls until I get the door closed.

Now I’m studying blogging and Chun is rolling on his fleecies next to me. He’s so happy. I’ve missed him so much, and he forgives me for leaving him at my mother’s for pretty much a whole month.

With all of the craziness with reorganizing the house to make Chun’s move possible, I ended up rescheduling my last board exam, so I have a week and a half to study now. Which is exactly what I am going to do, though I can promise some pictures later.

Kemi keeps making his sweet little bear noises at the door – not meows and not purrs, but something in between.

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18 Responses to he’s here!

  1. Laurie says:

    Good luck with it!

    One good tactic is to feed Chun and some of the Brothers on opposite sides of the door so they associate good things with each other’s smells.

  2. AmyH says:

    The Brothers have the experience of sharing their space with other kitties. Chun is in a new place with lots of new friends, so it’s normal for him to be defensive for now. I’m sure they will all get along swimmingly soon enough!

    • I was thinking along the same lines, that this is a bigger change for Chun than for the brothers. I’m sure it will work out nicely!

      • Lurkertype says:

        That was my thought. All the Bros. have experience with meeting lots of new kitties, so this is old hat to them. It will take Chun a while to realize that the Bros. are wonderful. I like the image of the tiny Merp face peering in, and I love that the Bear is wanting to be friendly.

        Laurie’s ideas are good. Liberal dispensing of kitty treats all over the house!

  3. Laurie says:

    Another thing to do to acclimate them is to switch them into each other’s rooms to get used to the other’s smells while the other cat isn’t there to feel like a threat. So if you room is the favorite Miao napping spot, give Chun some time in there when there are no Miaos about, and give the Brothers some time in Chun’s new room when he’s in your room. And then fuss/give treats while in those spaces to make the positive associations.

  4. capnstephel says:

    Hai Chun! Be nice to the rest of the Miaos. They’re your housemates now and it’s best to be on good terms with everyone you live with 😉

  5. LBeeeze says:

    The Bros all have each other and Chun must be feeling like the odd man out. It cracks me up that they all looked up at you as if you owed them an explanation.

    Take care. Good luck with your studing and getting everyone settled in.

  6. Jaypo says:

    I agree with LT and the others–Chun suddenly has 1-2-3-4-5 new feline impressions to deal with. The other Miaos only have 1. Much easier for them. I love Laurie’s idea about feeding them within smell of each other!

  7. Martin says:

    Good luck little guy – you’ll soon have the other cats and mum wrapped round your paw soon enough!! 🙂

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