Miaoly Update: Mer & Tweets

Little Mer seems to be doing a lot better. He is on three different types of antibiotics, but the swelling and draining in his chin have gone down. His appetite hasn’t diminished, and he’s as perky and bright-eyed as ever. The vet got the results yesterday and it appears that cancer is unlikely, but we don’t really know the source of the infection. He could have nicked his gums eating and then food got lodged in there and over time an infection developed and spread to his chin. He’s on several medications, most of which are sub-Q injections, but there is only so much a tiny little merp like Merlin can handle. He’s so bony it’s hard to find a place for the needle, but Papa Miao does a great job. I’m hoping that after a few days, Mer’ll be off most of them and the infection will be gone. Otherwise we don’t have many options since he’s to frail to handle any kind of surgery/anesthetic.

Prince Tee’s results are also uncertain. He definitely has hyperthyroidism, and he can share Tashi’s meds for that. But we still haven’t figured out why he has bloody urine. They did not find signs of infection in his urinalysis, so they are thinking he might have bladder stones. He’s had elevated calcium for a while, which can predispose to stones. The other possibility is that the infection is higher, in his kidneys. This is the possibility that I am most worried about, given his history of pyelonephritis. He has permanent kidney damage from that, he has been on sub-Q fluids twice weekly since Sept 2009. What scares me most is that his kidney values have gotten a little worse since they were last checked. Even though it has its own dangers, I’m almost hoping that they find a stone. I wish I could donate a kidney to Tweets.

Right now Mer is napping in the living room downstairs, and all of the other Miaos are on my bed. I’m tempted to bring Mer upstairs too, but he’s so content perched over Papa Miao’s comfy chair (in Tashi’s favorite spot) that I can’t bear to move him.

I don’t have recent photos to share, but here are a couple old photos of the Mer and the Prince:

two floofballs (dec 2008)

one floof two floof (dec 2006)
Double cinnamon floof with extra cream

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7 Responses to Miaoly Update: Mer & Tweets

  1. (((((purrrs and hugs and good vibes being sent to you and the brothers (and papaMiao, of course!)))))

  2. Laurie says:

    Mer must be as light as a powder puff! Glad to hear he’s improving.
    Also hoping that things resolve in a manageable way for Prince T.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    Merp is truly becoming more bird-like. He’s evolving into a little gray owl.

    I hope the kitties’ health holds steady. Papa Miao must be a vet tech by now.

  4. Lauri says:

    Glad to hear he’s doing a bit better. Hugs and purr.

  5. capnstephel says:

    Give them pets and scritches for me

  6. Jaypo says:

    Hugs and purrs to the T and Mer. Keeping them in my thoughts.

  7. snoringKatZ says:

    Here’s hoping for better physical goodness for the boyz. They already have all the other kinds of goodness possible.

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