Mersday Update

Since early summer, Merlin has been going through pretty severe chronic renal failure. He started recovering back in August when Papa Miao started giving him sub-Q fluids three times a week. Merlin needs an extra tiny needle because he is an extra tiny kitty, especially now. At first, Merlin really resisted the sub-Q fluids (unlike Prince Tee, who is as docile as a lamb), but now he’s getting more used to it.

I wasn’t here for most of what Merlin went through, because I didn’t have a chance to go home until I moved back in December. So Merlin and Papa Miao were really struggling through a lot without me, and for a while things were looking bleak. Merlin’s fur started falling out, but then whatever combination of meds the doctor gave us managed to stablize him, and his fur is growing back.

Now Merlin is active and he has a good appetite. He has only hunted glitterballs once within the past few months, but he really likes to snuggle and purr.

The only thing is, he needs a bath badly. He’s had arthritis for a while and Papa Miao has been giving him some kind of oily supplement thing, but it gets on his fur. And just in general, he’s not grooming as much as he used to, and his extra long fur is pretty hard to keep up anyways. So even though I’m a little nervous, especially since Merlin bit me hard in the wrist many years ago and wouldn’t let go, and I’m afraid that he’ll do it again, I’m going to have to bathe him this weekend.

Until he’s nicely bathed, I won’t have many pictures of Merlin to post. But here’s one from this month where he is cuddled in the warm laundry.


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11 Responses to Mersday Update

  1. Laurie says:

    Aww, poor little Mer-purr! So good that you’re there to help out now and that he’s snuggling and purring.

    Since he is a little kitty, could you hold him by the scruff of the neck with one hand to bathe him with the other? That should keep him from flailing about and biting.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Even (or maybe especially) a rumpled Merp is worth looking at.

  3. instead of an actual water bath, they making those things like lysol wipes but for pets.. you may want to try those first and save yourself some scars…

    they have them at petsmart/petco

    • Lurkertype says:

      Yes, we use pet wipes on our kitties. But Merp might be too grubby for that?

    • littlemiao says:

      thanks for the suggestion. i’ll look for the wipes. at least it will help with the worst of it.

      i think we have to take him to the vet early next week. i’m afraid he has an abscess by his mouth. anyway, I have to take Prince Tee in for a regular checkup today and I will ask them what they recommend about Merp.

  4. Jaypo says:

    Poor little MerPuff… hims not a happy boy right now. Are there pet grooming services where he might get a gentle bath? A tub of warm water will be kind to his bones.

    I hope he’s comfortable soon, littlem. I love the wee wizard kitty.

  5. Feel clean and better soon, MerMer!

    • Meant to add – I use wipes on Edgar sometimes, usually after I brush him to grab up any loose hairs. He doesn’t enjoy it, I think because I’ve yet to find one that smells suitable to him, but I can hold him in place on my lap long enough to wipe him a bit.

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