From the Archives: Ping Toes!

Since I don’t have many new photos to post, here’s a few Ping photos from ages ago to celebrate Toesday!

Plus a bonus new Miao-Ku!

softer than the clouds
never have to touch the ground
feet floating on floof

Ping's White Paw

Ping Toes


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5 Responses to From the Archives: Ping Toes!

  1. Lauri says:

    I love the miao-ku! I’ll try to walk like I’m floating on floof today!

  2. lurkertype says:

    Yay Ping!

    Of course when VOX ended, I lost all my links to favorites. So I’m glad to see photos of Ping so I can have them on hand again.

  3. capnstephel says:

    *snap snap snap* Ping toes! So clean and soft! I want to rub them on my face, lol

  4. I miss Ping. Please tell him I asked for him.

  5. Freedom Smith says:

    So cute, soft, and pink!!

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