Meet the Miaos, working draft

King He-Ping Miao
Born in the far northern borderlands of China, He-Ping inherited the majestic bearing of his Siberian tiger ancestors.  His name means "peace" in Chinese, reflecting his sweet disposition and his dedication to peace in all its manifestations.  A wise and just king, he is casual in style and prefers to be called simply "Ping".  When his mane was barely full-grown, Ping immigrated to the United States and established his kingdom in the Little Red Brick Miao House.  He reigns over the Myriad Miaos with floofy benevolence and furthers the cause of world peace through daily catnapping.

Mani-Purr Miao
Mani is like a cup of hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon – warm, fluffy, and perfect company for an evening snuggle with a book.  Hardworking by nature, he holds himself responsible for the Miao household accounts, computer maintenance, and the breakfast dishes.  Despite his busy schedule, he manages to find 18-20 hours of daily naptime.  Three years ago he attained the status of Master Napper, a much coveted distinction in the feline world.

Kemi-Bear Miao
Kemi gets his name from Egypt, the ancestral homeland of cats, which was known to its ancient inhabitants as Kemet.  Kemi is black with white ear tufts, and a thorough grooming yields a harvest of silvery black wool.  Whether you see him as a woolly bear or a teddy bear, he is cuddly and plush and makes a comfy pillow.  Kemi Care Bear is always there for his people and his brothers to offer snuggles and purrs.  He enjoys satisfying his sweet tooth with blueberries, honeycomb, and homemade pancakes (preferably served together).

Merlin Miao of Persepolis
A petite silver Persian, Merlin has the highest floof-to-body-weight ratio of all the Miaos.  He makes up for his small size with his shrill, bird-like hunting call, much like his namesake the merlin hawk.  His belly may be little, but it is infinitely expandable and he is always eager to gobble up any of his Brothers' breakfast leftovers.  He maintains his compact size by hunting fuzzballs and napping vigorously.  His preferred form of entertainment is window-watching for bunnies and chipmunks.

Professor Tashi S. Miao
The epitome of Siamese sophistication and elegance, Tashi believes that mental and physical cultivation are equally important.  He divides his time between intellectual pursuits, including literary criticism and chemistry, and athletic training.  He includes sprinting and mountain-climbing among his favorite sports, and Shakespeare and Li Bai among his favorite authors.  His pedagogical style is stern but encouraging, and he frowns upon habitual procrastination and intellectual sloppiness.

Prince Tantra Miao
Purrfect in every regard, or so he thinks, Prince Tantra works hard to cultivate an air of Siamese afloofness.  On the inside, however, he's just a fluffy lambkins begging for a cuddle.  He is quick to jealousy and not inclined to share anything except snuggles, maybe.

Baby Lotus
The secret identity of Batcat, who protects the weak and defends the innocent from creepy crawlie buggies.  His laser-eyes are capable of stopping even the leggiest of centipedes in their tracks.  Silverfish flee at the sight of his radiant lilac mittens, but his arch nemesis Tantroll merely grumbles.  Five-time winner of the International Purring Marathon, Lotus is always up for a challenge or a cuddle.

Mama Miao and Papa Miao
The devoted parents of the Miao Brothers.

little miao
Humble chronicler of the Miao Brothers, devoted to sharing the floofings and musings of her feline brothers with the world.  As a student, she is reunited with the Miao Brothers only during vacations, but she strives to celebrate their magnificence year-round through Miao posts.  Generally shy but incurably batty, she has a special friend named Unicorn.

Foxy-brother Miao
The least furry of all the Miao Brothers.

In Memoriam
Elder Brother Ramses passed away in August 2007.

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14 Responses to Meet the Miaos, working draft

  1. Dancing Bear says:

    And if you get really ambitious you could add a photo of each by their profiles. Or! If you want to go insane with al the details you could do a Vox for each of the brothers Miao. OMG. Could you imagine having to update that daily? I believe you have a big test and I hope you the best on it. I will return and comment on several of the boys.

  2. Laurie says:

    Oh, yes, please add photos.

  3. Little Cat says:

    Photos would be lovely. So there are 7 feline Miaos and 4 human Miaos?

  4. little miao says:

    Thanks, Dancing Bear!Photos are definitely the next step. It'll be hard to decide which one to use for each… so many decisions.Heehee, if I had a Vox to maintain for each Brother, I'd have to quit school! But then I could move home and be a full-time chronicler, with room and board covered. I'll discuss it with Papa Miao, see if he approves (he's supported all of my "big decisions" so far, I don't know why he wouldn't support this one).

  5. Lurkertype says:

    I think being the laziest Miao Brother needs to be mentioned in Lotus' accomplishments. And Tantroll is going to demand many more words about himself. (plus a possible mention of T&T being twins)And there can never be too many photos of the floofy Bros.

  6. little miao says:

    good suggestions, all!I think Tantra is most displeased with his entry. I saved it for last but then ran out of patience.

  7. Dancing Bear says:

    As humble chronicler you are required to use your personal favorites of each, including the Petit one (you). I could go through the chronicles and tell you each I prefer but you, grasshopper are the Chronicler and must therefore give us your best renditions of each of the characters in your life. Good job so far and a little more of Mama and Papa. From the eyes of the Little One.

  8. Lurkertype says:

    Also possibly their birthdays, or approx.I was amused at "mane barely full-grown" — it's true, even though Ping was 3!

  9. I love it! Definitely a good reference for those of us that are relatively new neighbors with you =)

  10. jaypo says:

    I always appreciate a reminder of the excellent breeding and good intentions of the Miao brothers. Among them, the globe is spanned, as is the gamut of princely achievement. As mere humans, we can only aspire the such napitude.

  11. IG says:

    Love it, of course. What a great beginning! Is this for the coffee table book? Agree with the others, pics definitely required. Maybe two or three per Brother… I don't think you need to restrict yourself. Too many awesome floofy pics, not enough pages!

  12. mariser says:

    isn't it sad that when I read the title of this post, Meet the Miaos, the first thing that popped in my head was the theme song from The Flintstones, "Meet the Flintstones"? sung like this:

    Miaos, meet the Miaos
    they are the wonderful cat family
    Miaos, meet the Miaos
    they will long live in historyyy…
    and then I wonder what the Miaos would think:
    He-Ping would be kingly amused
    Mani would return to his nap
    Kemi would accompany his brother Mani
    Merlin would make a disappointed and disapproving Persian face
    Tashi would be dismayed to be named anywhere close to a lowbrow cartoon
    Tantra would allow Tantroll to give expression to his displeasure. with his fangs.
    Lotus would giggle the Batcat laugh and continue batcatting
    Ramses would allow himself a wry smile at my tomfoolery

  13. This is wonderful! I have to admit – since I arrived "here" not too long ago, I've been trying to sort out who's who — and this helped! thank you! The descriptions are superb!!!!!!!!!!

  14. little miao says:

    lol! that's great. I can totally see their reactions – you know the Brothers well, O Mariser! Your comment deserves to be a post unto itself, seriously.Now I have the Miao/Flintstones theme song going through my head, but I don't mind. 🙂

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