Vox Hunt: Is For The Birds

Show us some birds.

In classical Chinese literature, mandarin ducks symbolize conjugal affection and fidelity.  I was very disillusioned when I learned that they don't mate for life after all (from wikipedia, not an infallible source).  Anyway, they're still beautiful and affectionate even if they find long-term commitment a challenge.

I found this picture in my search for manadarin ducks.  It's titled "Unexpected Guests" – I'd love for them to turn up on my doorstep!

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12 Responses to Vox Hunt: Is For The Birds

  1. On behalf of the wise Prof
    'Done your paper'

  2. little miao says:

    Technically I should be in class now, but alas my prof (not Prof Tashi, thank goodness) is ill and class is canceled. So I have a temporary reprieve (even though my paper is more or less done).Despite Tashi's stern words, I had trouble keeping away from vox for more than 2 hours. Make that 2 minutes… Next time I'll try harder.

  3. musicchick2 says:

    These photos are so precious! The photo on the right is especially nice…. the vivid colors are so amazing. Now how come in nature the males always get the lions share of the beauty, especially birds? I never get tired of seeing animals being affectionate with one another. Pooh & Tipper can be 'play fighting' one minute, and cuddling and grooming each other the next. It's SO SCHWEET!

  4. mariser says:

    awww, mamacat looks like Teho's Kenya. love the expresiveness of the kittettehs

  5. RedScylla says:

    Lovely ducks–always with the flashy male!

  6. Lauri says:

    I love those ducks!My chicks will be here in about two weeks! Yay!!

  7. SweetMisery says:

    Beautiful colors. I like the paper cut out very nice.

  8. Lurkertype says:

    It's like Baby King Ping meets Kenya.

  9. Sinuhe says:

    Awwww! Oh look, the little duckies! Oh look, the little kitties!

  10. mariser says:

    it's true! bebeh King Ping!how could I have missed him?

  11. Aubrey says:

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a male and a female duck waddling together, near the canal leading out of Oxnard harbor. Looking for all the world like an old, contented, bottom-heavy couple.

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