Vox Hunt: Help Me Out Here

Book: Share a self-help book that meant a lot to you.

Everything little Buttermilk sees in the forest at night looks like a monster ready to leap across her path and devour her.  Papa Bunny shows her that these monsters aren't really so scary by the light of day – they're just tree stumps and branches.  The message of the story should not be taken too literally – there are, after all, many dangers for little bunnies traveling alone in dark forests.  However, once abstracted to the metaphorical level, this accessible and cutely illustrated story will help sufferers of nyctohylophobia* and runaway imaginations alike negotiate functional strategies for their daily lives.

*Fear of dark wooded areas or forests

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10 Responses to Vox Hunt: Help Me Out Here

  1. I loved the Serendipity books! The critters were all so cute, but sometimes the sad bits in the stories made me cry…I'm too sensitive to animal pain, not sensitive enough to human pain…
    Thank you for reminding me about these!

  2. musicchick2 says:

    Adorable! When I first read the description I was a wee big ascared too! Maybe I need to read these.;-)

  3. YGRS says:

    oh my god!!! I bought this series for my daughter Elle when her was just a liddle girl!Each new book came in the mail – once a month — there was a whole series of different stories/different critters. There was a bunny named Leo the Lop — and he was sensitive about his ears I think, because people made fun of the way they hung down.I remember reading these to Elle. &:o)So, are YOU familiar with this from YOUR childhood too, or did you find them as an adult?

  4. little miao says:

    Oh my, YGRS! This is so exciting. I remember Leo the Lop (well, I reread it a couple years ago). Leo the Lop even tried to hang upside down to get his ears to stick up, before he realized that nothing was wrong with his ears in the first place!My brother and I have a whole collection of Serendipity books from when we were little. They're some of my favorites. 🙂 Occasionally nowadays I'll buy one that we didn't have. Like Buttermilk – the cover itself was too cute to resist.

  5. YGRS says:

    oh my goodness, little miao!That is so cool!My daughter LOVED to have these books read to her. She was PROBABLY only 3 years old — and they were kind of "wordy" to read to a child that age, but she loved them and always asked for them to be read.And if I'm remembering correctly, the one book that the entire series was NAMED after was about a "sea serpent" named Serendippity — do you remember that one?And I forgot how Leo the Lop tried hanging upside down…awwwwww.How *sweet* you are to remind me of special stuff like this, my friend. &:o)

  6. SweetMisery says:

    Looks like a dreamy little story.

  7. little miao says:

    Yes, that's what I remember too, YGRS. Serendipity was the sea serpent in first story and the whole series was named after her. These creatures would make such good plushies!A lot of the stories have sad parts, as I remember, mmb. I'm not surprised they made you cry – I think that because their world is so beautiful and perfect, when sad things happen it makes it even harder to bear. But then some of the stories are just sweet and silly, so it all balances out.

  8. lauowolf says:

    How did we ever miss these?Sound like really useful little books.

  9. Dancing Bear says:

    Those illustrations are just beautiful. The stories also.

  10. §abba says:

    So cuuute! I remember Leo the Lop actually. I think I had that book!

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