Bright-eyed and Fluffy

Semi and Otis enjoyed watching our four newts swim around in their bowl, but I don't think the kitties ever bothered the newts.

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9 Responses to Bright-eyed and Fluffy

  1. YGRS says:

    eeeeeee!!!This looks like baby Wembley! &:o)Semi and Otis must have been very very well-behaved babies…if that had been my Wembley or Stinky, those newts would have been BRUNCH!

  2. crankypants says:

    LOL!!! THis (adorable) kitty looks petrified!

  3. Brown Suga' says:

    Hehe Semi does look skeert!

  4. little miao says:

    I think that's just her wide-eyed kitten expression. And also her facial markings – both of them look like they used eyeliner.I wish Mama Miao had gotten Semi's ears in the pic! Mama Miao takes great photos, as amply demonstrated by the China Ping series. But if only she had let me use her camera, we would have had so many more kitty photos. We don't have any Kemi-Bear baby pics! And I was 13 at the time, certainly responsible enough to use a camera! If I ever have children (a big huge if), I'd certainly let them use a camera! In fact, I'd get them their own.

  5. crankypants says:

    we got our own little 110 instamatic cameras when we were pretty young, like 8 or so. Then I got a decent 35 mm one before we went to Germany when I was 15.

  6. Lurkertype says:

    I read the caption and heard "Semi and the newts" to the tune of "Bennie and the Jets".I got a 110 about the same age as cp. And as an adult, I have kitten pictures of all the fluffums we've had, and even some of our friends' cats. You can't have too many cat pictures. Back when we used film, every roll began and ended with kitty pix — the first one to make sure the film was moving right, and the last 2 or 3 to finish up the roll of vacation (or whatever) photos.Would have loved to see Kemi-Cub. Hard to imagine him being little.

  7. Sinuhe says:

    He was tiny; you could hold him in one hand!

  8. little miao says:

    Awww, the Kemi-Cub. I could hold him on one hand too. He had tiny little paws and tiny little claws and a stubby little tail. Kemi-Cub!

  9. Lurkertype says:

    Well, then, in future: More Miao Brothers photos! I'm sure that someday there'll be a new Miao Kitten, and he needs to have his picture taken sitting in someone's hand when he's all teeny and new. It's such fun to look back on. My brain is trying to comprehend a Kemi that small and I can hardly picture it.

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