Merlin’s Aliases

Merlin Miao's Aliases

Your movie star name: Yummy Darius

Your fashion designer name is Merlin Paris

Your socialite name is Merp Persepolis

Your fly girl / guy name is M Mia

Your detective name is Persians Loft

Your barfly name is Crunchies Clairette

Your soap opera name is Purr Miao Lane

Your rock star name is Cotton Candy Lion

Your Star Wars name is Merlit Miagli

Your punk rock band name is The Sleepy Lint Trap

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2 Responses to Merlin’s Aliases

  1. Lurkertype says:

    So… is his full name Merlin Darius of Persepolis then? The Floof Fountain Extraordinaire.(Ping paw banner is back. whee!)

  2. Prittypritty says:

    The sleepy lint trap…that is so funny!

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