Miao-y Christmas!

santa chun

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sleepy snapshots

I actually took these photos in December! Maybe we’ll organize a real photo shoot soon. >^..^<


For some reason, the Miaolings really like to nap in cardboard trays!

view 1

view 2

Oh noes, t looks like Loto doesn’t have a photo!

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New steps!

Sprocket recently acquired a new set of steps which Foxy-brother assembled for him. Until Foxy’s intervention, the steps had been sitting around for a few weeks in a box which itself served as a nice nap spot, but I have to admit Sprocket enjoys the steps even more than he enjoyed their box.


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Still here!

We’re still here, peeps! Trying to get back into the swing of things. I am out of touch with everyone but I will try to fix that. Mew. Here’s a Sprocket. Photo from several months ago. He is showing off how snorgle-able his tummy is. Please help yourself. >^..^<


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See what the Miaolings are doing

it’s naptime, of course!
chun nap

Sprocket is particularly fond of napping with his back leg supported on something, like the edge of his Fido bed, or sometimes on a chair rung. He has always liked his Fido bed, which due to its name and the little doggie trademark I assume was originally intended for puppies, but he has liked it even more ever since I combined it with Blue Blankie.
sprocket in fido bed with foots up

Chun is very fond of his fleecy nest too. He gets sulky when Sprocket naps in it.
chun in his sleepy nest

Sprocket looking sweetly sprocketty
sprocket face

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Sprockerly toe tufts

His are very smoochable. I have to be careful not to tickle his toes tufts because he doesn’t like that, but he does like smooches especially when he’s napping.

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Chun’s nap

I’m starting to take Miao photos again. Choop is pleased. He understands that it will take me a while to work up to the blue beret.

chun naps

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