Happy Blue Doughnut Day!

Sprocket had a very happy Blue Doughnut Day bouncing around the house doing sprocketty things. We even took some blue doughnut day photos.

The following photo may or may not be one of the new ones… I will let you guess!

a 9-6-2011 8-57-41 AM

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Peeps! Help! Suggestions needed for removing litter box

Mew. It has been too long. I wouldn’t blame everyone for abandoning the Miao Chronicles. I’ve been a very neglectful for the last few months… years…? But for any of you who are still here, I need some advice! (with the promise of photos for the future)

Ever since Sprocket was a kitten we have had a litter box upstairs. When he was a teensy three-legged kitten, he needed something a little closer than the basement, and then of course everyone else started using it. Well, the time has come to banish it back to the basement where the other litter boxes are. Currently it is in a very aesthetically unpleasing place and I have wanted to get rid of it for a while now but I have hesitated because I don’t want the Miao kitties to rebel. They are very very good about their litter boxes and I don’t want that to change.

Any suggestions for making this transition smoother?

Should I just remove it and hope for the best?

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Miaolings in March


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Happy Birthday, Lotus Miao!


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The Little Blue Beret is back!

Chun wanted to wear his little blue beret for his Chunniversary.


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Happy Chunniversary!

Kitten photo from Chun’s first day as a Miao, before he was even Chun

Thank you to all the wonderful peeps wondering where I’ve gone. Sorry I’ve been out of touch! As today is an auspicious day for beginnings, it being Chun’s adoption day, maybe the Miao Chronicles will finally begin anew. Also, I got a really nice external hard drive to motivate me to organize the Miao Archives. And we even did a mini photo shoot today.

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Miao-y Christmas!

santa chun

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