- Ping is recovering from pancreatitis and a worsening of his kidneys. There were a few rough days last week, but he is so much stronger this week and he even gained a pound.

- Sprocket’s undiagnosed twitchy condition flared up a week or two ago but not nearly to the extent it was last November/December.

- No one else got a cold after Chun.

- The other Miao Kitties have been quite well.

- I will be back with photos when I can.

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Still sneezy but better overall

Chun is still occasionally sneezy. He seems more sneezy this evening than before. But since Tuesday, he has improved dramatically. He was already acting pretty normal by Tuesday evening and yesterday he didn’t act sick at all, except for the occasional sneeze. He took several long baths and got his stripes all silky and smooth again. My unverifiable theory is that his fever was already improving by the time we took him to the vet, though I’m definitely glad we went. He got his full dose of sub-Q fluids yesterday morning. The strategy that worked was making smoochy noises at him while skritching his chin the whole time, so he thought that he was sitting still because he wanted to, not because we wanted him to. I don’t even think he noticed the needle.

Lotus sneezed a few times this morning but it could have been normal sneezing from fraternizing with the dust bunnies (well, preying upon the dust bunnies is more accurate). Otherwise he has been normal.

Now Chun is being super affectionate.


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Back from the vet

Not our regular vet because the drive is too long. The one we saw was good, though I did miss our regular vet. So, no surprise after hearing his snuffles this morning, he has an upper respiratory infection. His lungs sounded clear but his throat not so much. He has a bit of a fever, just over 103, and he was dehydrated. They gave him the 2-week antibiotic shot. They said he should get some subcutaneous fluids for the dehydration. Since we’ve been doing sub-Q fluids for others for years, I said we could do that ourselves. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

There is a chance that the others will get it. It is hard to say. It would be very difficult for us to keep him separate from the others without traumatizing, and they have already shared dishes and water and nap spots.

When we got home, he was a lot perkier than he has been in the last two days. Walking around, not quite jauntily but interested in his surroundings. It could be the adrenaline from his vet visit, since strangers make him so anxious, but if he were feeling really lousy, I don’t think he’d be acting better now.

Doing the fluids ourselves was maybe not such a great idea. When we got home and tried it, he was furious. He is a strong kitty. Our attempted ended when he hissed and bit me and twisted the needle out. The bite didn’t hurt or leave a mark. He was being thoughtful. He got maybe a third of what they recommended so we will have to do it again tonight. But he meandered downstairs a few minutes later, after giving me a look, and had a little drink of water. Not much, but some, and soon we will give him nice gravy-rich canned food. I also put a couple extra water dishes upstairs to entice him.

So the vet, apart from saying there isn’t any way to really know what it is, which is what I expected to hear, didn’t say anything alarming about his condition. No one else has sneezed, although it is not out of the ordinary for them to sneeze now and then. She said that it might last a week and not to be alarmed if his lethargy continues for a few days. Since he is already doing better this morning now, I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Chun isn’t feeling well

Last night he was fine, except for sneezing a few times in a row. He vomited early in the morning and probably had a hairball (it’s hard to tell who they belong to unless you witness the act). He didn’t want breakfast or any of his favorite treats. All he wanted to do was nap. When I encouraged him to drink water, he went right back to his spot on the chair. Noonish, I convinced him to eat some food a couple times. He acted skeptical at first but then he gobbled it up hungrily. Other times he ignores the food. He hasn’t been active at all. He got spooked by Papa Miao coming through the front door and ran upstairs, but other than that he has stayed put. He did use the litter box once, when I set him in it. He hasn’t vomited at all since very early morning (4ish). Now he is continuing to nap on my bed. I gave him a little bit of natural hairball remedy this afternoon. When he naps, he doesn’t necessarily seem completely restful. That may be because I keep staring at him and bothering him. The way things have been going in every other area of my life, it is hard not to fear worst case scenarios, but it didn’t seem justified to take him to the vet yet today. It isn’t uncommon for him (or any of the other kitties) to take super long naps, especially if he has been more active at night (which I don’t know for certain since I was asleep). And since he so rarely has hairballs, maybe they affect him more than the other Miao Brothers. The hairball by itself doesn’t worry me, nor does the lack of appetite (though generally he has a great appetite, he can get finicky and if one day he eats a lot, the next day he may eat less and a flavor he likes one day will be rejected the next). What worries me is that he has been so un-active all day. He usually follows me around whatever I’m doing and tries to get into closed rooms and asks for treats etc. If he isn’t back to normal by tomorrow morning, I will have to take him to the vet. I don’t work until the afternoon but I would cancel my patients if I had to. I hope it is just an upset tummy but I’m very worried. Since I’m very worried about so many things, little things, big things, reasonable things, ridiculous things, it is hard to know what things are actually deserving of worry. So I chose to wait to tomorrow to decide whether he needs to see the vet, and I hope it was not the wrong choice.

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Crane migrations

The crane population in the Miao House has continued to expand. Exponentially. At this rate, the cranes will overtake the dust bunnies. Luckily Sprocket is an excellent crane-herd or else we would have to wade through flocks of them to get down the hallway.

sprocket in cranes

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Portrait of Chun


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Little Sprock

He’s helping to round up the dust bunnies.

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